21 November 2012

What's on my Christmas Wishlist?

Hello Girls,

Sorry I haven't been blogging for ages or haven't made any videos in a while but i've had my reasons.

I started my beauty therapy course in September and wanted to have a couple of months out of the blogging and youtube world to focus on my work and also to get everything sorted financially so that I could buy beauty products without the feeling of regret afterwards!

I also got a second job just for some extra money and now work as christmas staff at Boots yaaaay! I've always wanted a job at Boots and finally got one (although temporary) but i'm hoping that I might get a part-time job at the end of my contract in January.

Anyways, im back and i've got a load of blog posts and videos planned that I hope you will all like but todays post is just a quick one to tell you some beauty products that are on my wishlist for this christmas.

I enjoy reading these posts and i'm hoping that some of you will enjoy seeing what's on my wishlist and i'd love to hear what's on yours too!

1) Coastal Scents Blusher Palette £13.59 ( - I've never tried anything from Coastal Scents before but i've heard a lot of good things about their palettes and although I want to try out their eyeshadow palettes I thought i'd put their blusher palette on my wishlist as I have quite a few eyeshadows on my list already! If anyone's tried this palette let me know what you think :)

2) Urban Decay Primer Potion Duo £29.00 ( - A little late? I think so! I still haven't tried Urban Decay's famous primer potion yet because although i've heard good things about it i've never been able to jusitfy the price so it's on my wishlist and if I don't get it then I will 100% be buying it with my christmas money :)

3) Sleek face contour kit in light £6.49 (Superdrug or Sleek's website) - Before a couple of weeks ago I had never tried any of sleeks products but on my lunch break one day I decided to hit superdrug and go and pick up a few bits and i'm really impressed with their products and i've had my eye on this face contour kit for a while now.

4) W7 Paintbox eyeshadow palette £7.33 (  - I LOVE W7's products! They're affordable and great quality as you all know i love their candyfloss blusher and this eyeshadow palette has been on my wishlist for about 2 years now and I have no idea why I haven't purchased it but i'm really looking forward to seeing if this palette is as great as their other products!

5) Bobbi Brown 20th Anniversary lip palette - Im not sure where you can get this from anymore or whether it was limitied edition but i really love the look of this palette and would be great for doing other peoples makeup and my own :) If anyone knows where to get this palette let me know in the comments.

6) MAC Mineralize skinfinish soft & gentle £21.50 (MAC or Debenhams) - Another product that has been on my wishlist forever and I really need it in my life :) I dont own a lot of highlighters (only 2 or 3) and as this product is raved about so much I thought i'd put it on my list!

7) Sleek ultra mattes bright palette £7.99 (Superdrug) - This is on my wishlist for a reason! At superdrug I went in to pick this up off of the sleek stand and stupidly assumed the palette I picked up was in the right place and was the right one but no! I picked up the darks one instead :( I'm not really into dark shadows and still really want the brights one!

8) Nars love rite gift set £39.00 (Nars) - This was on my wishlist last year also! I've still not popped my Nars cherry and I think that these gift sets are a great way to save money on trying products, so let's hope that someone might buy me this for christmas.

9) MAC Cranberry eyeshadow £12.00 (MAC) - Fleur de Force first got me wanting this eyeshadow when Tanya Burr convinced her. Now I don't normally wear red eyeshadows as im not really sure how to but i'm always up for trying new things and would love to add this to my collection.

10) MAC Girl about town lipstick £14.00 (MAC) - A gorgeous colour that I really want to add to my collection of lipsticks! I'm not afraid to wear bright colours on a daily basis and i'm pretty sure that I would wear this almost everyday just like I wore Saint Germain everyday for ages :) !

11) MAC red lipstick £14.00 (MAC) - I know a simple red colour but every girl needs their statement red lipstick in their collection and i'd like to have a good quality red lipstick that I can rely on!

12) Juicy couture Viva la Juicy perfume 100ml £39.00 ( - One of my all time favourite perfumes it smells gorgeous and sweet and ive gone through 2 bottles since trying it and I would appreciate another bottle alot because life isn't the same without my favourite perfume :(

13) MAC Aquadisiac Eyeshadow £12.00 (MAC) - I've been looking for a gorgeous aqua eyeshadow for a while now for the summer and some makeup looks that i've wanted to do and this one always seems to stand out to me and I need to build up my collection of eyeshadows :)

14) MAC Hepcat Eyeshadow £12.00 (MAC) - Another gorgeous pink/purple from MAC but not one i've heard much about! Will look great as a pink/purple smokey eye and is a good colour for all year round! If anyone has this shadow let me know what you think?

15) MAC Passionate Eyeshadow £12.00 (MAC) - A gorgeous bright red/pink, similar to the lipstick moxie and impassioned. Just a beautiful colour that i'd love to add to my collection!

16) Amazon Voucher - I love amazon and i'm always buying products from there, whether its makeup, CD's, Films or home accessories I love it and you can find alot of products that are sold cheaper at amazon so a few vouchers would come in handy ;)

So that's just some of the things that I have on my wishlist for this Christmas what have you got on yours?

Lauren Lorraine <3

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