29 May 2016

Makeup Revolution Haul & Review

Hello Girls <3

So it has been a fair while since I wrote a blog post.... 2 years in fact! A lot has gone on and lots has changed!

If you haven't already... please check out and subscribe to my Youtube channel where I review products, haul and do different makeup tutorials.

I find Youtube easier to keep on track with and post more regularly as blog posts tend to take a bit more time.

Any ways on with the blog post. If you haven't already heard of Makeup Revolution well....Erm you must be living under a rock. This brand is exclusive to Superdrug and Online and is an amazingly affordable brand which tends to offer dupes for high end makeup brands. For example they duped Too Faced's Chocolate Palettes and Heart Blushers and other brands include Hourglass, Stila and Mac.

I already own quite a few palettes from Makeup Revolution and I can't stress how amazing they are. The pigmentation is second to none and the price is phenomenal.

Today's haul and review however is on the Mermaids vs Unicorns eyeshadow palette, Blush Melts cream blush palette, 2 Goddess of love highlighters, A blushing hearts blusher and a strobe cream.

So as you can see in the above picture this is what all of the beautiful products look like. The Mermaids vs Unicorns Palette is a gorgeous mix of greens, blues and purple tones. I normally don't venture into colours like these too often as I work with children so bright eyes could attract some extra attention but on the weekends I tend to vamp the makeup up! I saw this palette on a few occasions and after seeing it again and again I just kept getting more intrigued so I went ahead and purchased it and I am so glad I did. 

 Just look at these swatches I mean OMG I don't even need to comment I'll just let the picture do the talking! So creamy and pigmented and they blend like a dream!! This palette is only £4 and the eyeshadow pigmentation beats most of my MAC shadows.

Here are the highlighters and the blushers. Now these are the dupes of the Too Faced Sweetheart blushers which retail for £22 and the Makeup Revolution blushers, bronzers and highlighters are only £4.99.

So from left to right we have - Goddess of love - Golden Goddess Highlighter, Blushing Hearts - Peachy Pink Kisses and the Goddess of love Highlighter.

Here are the swatches of the Highlighters and the Blusher. We have the golden goddess, goddess of love and then the three swatches are the individual colours of the blusher and the one underneath is all three mixed together.

Below are some pictures of a look I created using the palette. I love this look and It was effortless to create. I used the vibrant purple in my crease and then mixed some of the blues to use all over the lids. I then dragged some blue under the lower lash-line. To create the wings on my eyes I actually used the black colour with a wet brush and I like the look it created.

All in all I would highly recommend these products to everyone! I will definitely be picking up more of the blushers and any new palettes that come out as the pigmentation is brilliant.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Let me know if you've tried any of these products and which ones are your favourites.

Lauren Lorraine  <3

23 June 2014

Panic Attacks, Anxiety and Depression - PART 3 - Depression

Hi Girls <3

This is going to be the second part of my panic attacks, anxiety and depression 'talk'

Panic attacks, anxiety and depression until recently has never been spoken about that much but however has always been very common amongst us humans! I myself have suffered and still suffer from this and feel that if I tell you about my experiences it may help help some of you and even if it only helps one of you that will make me feel happy!


What is Depression?

Depression is a whole lot more than feeling unhappy or sad for a few days. Depression is when someone will feel intense emotions of anxiety, sadness, unhappiness, hopelessness and negativity but these feelings stay and don't go away. 

> Tiredness and loss of energy
> Sadness that doesn't go away
> Stress and frustration
> Difficulty concentrating
> Not enjoying things you used to love
> Feeling anxious
> Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness
> Thinking about suicide or death
> Self-harming

What causes depression?

The exact cause of depression is not known. Anyone can develop depression. Some people are more prone to it and it can develop for no apparent reason. You may have no particular problem or worry, but symptoms can develop quite suddenly. There may be some genetic factor involved that makes some people more prone than others to depression.
Depression may be brought on through life events such as illness, relationship problems, death etc. However sometimes there isn't a clear reason for your depression but, whatever the cause if you identify it this is an important first step.

Different types of depression

There are many different types of depression. The severity of depression can vary from sub-threshold depression to severe depression.
There are also different types of depression such as:
> Seasonal Defective Disorder
> Post-natal Depression
> Bi-Polar Disorder
> Mild Depression

After I finished my A Levels and I got into college and enrolled on my course I was happy. I felt positive that I was going to become a beauty therapist and have a good life. However, as time went on things started getting bad.

How I overcome my depression

As I mentioned above, one of the most important first steps is to try to identify where your depression started and what triggered it. With mine I think my A levels were the start of everything. If you've read my anxiety post you will know that I found the jump from GCSEs to A Levels really hard and this resulted in my experiencing a lot of stress, feelings of hopelessness and sadness.

Things weren't so bad to start off with! I felt some feelings of hopelessness during my A Levels as I studied so hard and felt like I wasn't getting anywhere and that there wasn't any point in trying anymore and I ended up giving up on my A Levels with the aim to go to college and do Beauty Therapy which is what I wanted to do in the first place.

I still find it hard to remember everything that has happened in order as I've tried to put that part of my life at the back of my head as it wasn't a very nice time.

About half way through my first year at college I moved in with my boyfriend at the time and was relatively happy. My job involved working at a children's indoor play centre hosting birthday parties and life was ok. Things started getting bad when me and my boss at work didn't get on and she treated me badly. Also because I was working with children I was ill all of the time! When I say all the time I mean I had tonsillitis pretty much every week. Now this knocked my motivation a lot. When you live on your own and you don't have anyone to kick your arse in gear I got used to laying in bed ill taking days off of college and this became a routine. 

No matter what I did I couldn't stop being ill and it sucked! I moved back to my mums at one point because my boyfriend refused to stop smoking fags and weed around me which only made my throat worse and I recovered a bit but ended up moving back in and then back out as he treated me like dirt and I deserved better!

This is the part when things go a bit fuzzy. I remember going through a wreckless stage. By this I don't mean drinking or taking drugs but I had a fair wack of crappy relationships because I craved the feeling of being wanted! At least I can admit it though! I cried all of the time feeling worthless and I felt like there wasn't any point in me being alive.

I wasn't as passionate about college anymore due to my lack of motivation. I remember sitting there thinking everyone has a point on why they are alive, some are good singers, play instruments, are caring people etc. But I have no talent or purpose that I could think of and this made me feel hopeless. I used to think maybe I was put on the planet to take my own life! Sounds silly but If you've experienced depression I'm sure you understand.

I cried all the time. Over nothing but I was still sad. My mum used to see me crying and used to shout at me and say nasty things which, when you come from a single-parent family and don't have anyone else isn't very nice as my mum is supposed to be my rock and help me through hard times.

I then started thinking about my dad and how he's never really been there for me and I only wanted to be loved and have my father in my life is that so much to ask for? This too made me feel worthless and sad all of the time because it was always in the back of my mind.

Things got worse before they got better. Basically a year of crying and feeling helpless everyday. 

In my opinion, depression is like being possessed. I felt that I was trapped in my own body. There was this horrible person that used to cry all the time and snap at people and then there was me who was dying to be happy again and take over my own body again and be happy but I didn't know how.

I fought my depression on my own. This is probably the worst way possible but it's all I could do. I thought about the anti-depressant way but I didn't want to become addicted to pills. I spoke to my doctor a number of times about me being down and he recommended a counsellor to me but the way I looked at it was why would someone want to sit down and listen to me waffle on about my problems. I didn't even know what I would say and I thought they would be thinking well why are you depressed over that!

The way I overcame my depression was I sat down and tried to determine what was making me depressed. I tried to eliminate all of the bad things in my life, bad people and tried to think of solutions to help with the things I was worrying about. I thought I would make goals for the future even if they would take a while to get there I wanted something to look towards. This started small with my New years resolutions list which went something like this:

> Be more positive
> Stop biting my nails
> Exercise more
> Eat more healthily
> Blog and make Youtube videos more
> Save more money

There was more but that was 6 months ago and I can't remember. But I would look at this list and think although they are new years resolutions, if I break them and achieve them later on in the year then it's still an achievement. The first thing I achieved was to think positive more and this was the most important. I thought of the positive side of everything for example if I missed the bus maybe I wasn't destined to be on that bus. Even if something is really bad try to find some positive in it. Try to wake up in a good mood even if you aren't motivated. 

I have achieved all apart from two of my new years resolutions (that being exercise more and eat healthily).

If you think you are suffering with depression then speak to someone. Write down what's making you sad and talk it over with someone or try to think of solutions to those problems. Talk to family or friends and visit a counsellor or your doctor to talk about your options. DO NOT LET DEPRESSION OVERCOME YOU!

I really do hope that this post has helped some of you even if it has just given you some information on the condition or a better understanding. Please leave your comments below and tell me your story and if this has helped you in any way.

18 June 2014

Panic Attacks, Anxiety and Depression - PART 2 - Anxiety

Hi Girls <3

This is going to be the second part of my panic attacks, anxiety and depression 'talk'

Panic attacks, anxiety and depression until recently has never been spoken about that much but however has always been very common amongst us humans! I myself have suffered and still suffer from this and feel that if I tell you about my experiences it may help help some of you and even if it only helps one of you that will make me feel happy!


What is a anxiety?

Anxiety is experienced by everyone often during their lifetime. You may feel feelings of anxiety before a job interview, driving test or exams. It is very normal to feel anxious during times like these.

However some of us find it difficult to control those feelings of anxiety and worry and experience it more often sometimes to a degree where it affects daily life. 

Psychological Symptoms

> Restlessness
> A sense of dread
> Feeling 'on edge'
> Difficulty concentrating
> Irritability

Physical Symptoms

> Dizziness
> Tiredness
> Fast heartbeat
> Muscles aches and tension
> Trembling or shaking
> Shortness of breath
> Feeling sick
> Headache
> Difficulty sleeping
What causes anxiety?

Some people may have a way of thinking that leads to experiencing anxiety for example thinking of the worst possible thing that could happen in a situation or thinking about all of the things that could go wrong. This means you may find it hard to relax as you feel like you always have to find a solution for the problem.

Others develop anxiety following stressful life events for example work, financial difficulties or relationship problems.

Anxiety is natural due to evolution. For example if you know about the 'fight or flight' response you'll know that it's your body's way of protecting us in certain situations.


I haven't always been an anxious/stressed person. I used to be 'normal' so to speak!

As I mentioned before, pin-pointing the time where my anxiety started becoming a problem was quite difficult but I believe it to be after my A levels at Sixth form. For those of you that aren't from England our education system goes - primary school, high school and then you have the option to do Sixth form at a school or go to college and then progress to university if you wish.

Things before sixth form were good, I stressed out a little, the same as every other person and I was really proud of myself when I good really good grades for my GCSEs and so I decided to stay onto Sixth Form and do the subjects Psychology, Sociology and Biology. In my GCSEs I was really good at Sociology and Biology and looked at these as my strengths and wanted to continue with them.

The first year of Sixth form before exams was good and I studied really hard for my exams. I started revising probably 4 months before exams a few days a week building up to everyday for hours before my exams. No I'm not a goody-goody I just like to know that I've tried my best no matter what happens. I was confident going into my exams and confident coming out of them thinking I'd done really well as I left few questions blank.

However when results day came for the first year things started taking a turn for the worst. I got quite bad grades. I got an Ungraded for my Biology exam which shocked me as I was getting Bs and Cs in high school. I got an E in Psychology and Managed to scrape a C in Sociology.

I was so upset I felt like I didn't know what to do and that I had put so much effort into my exams and studied so hard but got knocked back with my rubbish grades.

I remember thinking that I'd wasted so many days saying no to going out with friends, time I could have spent doing fun things on studying for exams that I basically failed. What's the point right?

As the second year of Sixth Form's exams started my attitude completely changed. I thought to myself that I'm not going to study even anywhere near as much as I did before because I'm just going to get crap grades anyways and I would much rather be out with my friends who never studied. This wasn't a good attitude to have now I look back but in the moment I was trying to stop myself having more stress than needed.

Anyways... long story short, I got rubbish grades in Sixth Form and in the end decided to go to college to do Beauty Therapy which is what I wanted to do in the first place.

Ever since then my stress levels and anxiety have been through the roof even with the slightest things. I stress over stupid things but then stress over major things 100 times more than other people.

The things I stress about include money, deadlines even if they're nowhere near and just silly things that really don't need to be worried about!

The best way I've found to help calm and control my anxiety is to try and analyse if something is really worth stressing over. If it's money think of ways to help the situation ie. budget more or think of ways you can save! If it's deadlines then plan ahead, that way you can put your mind at ease so you don't freak out as the deadline approaches! 

Having a positive mind set about things also helps! I used to think negatively about everything and I thought to myself lets not put a negative spin on anything but even if a situation is bad try to think of the positives.

Thinking more positively has helped me a huge amount! Even if I can't be bothered to wake up in the morning I force myself to be in a good mood and I can trick my mind into putting me in a good mood for the day. It may sound stupid but if you stick to it it really works!

I really do hope that this post has helped some of you even if it has just given you some information on the condition or a better understanding. Please leave your comments below and tell me your story and if this has helped you in any way.

16 June 2014

Panic Attacks, Anxiety and Depression - PART 1 - Panic Attacks

Hi Girls <3

This is going to be a very personal post and I have been wanting to share this with you all for a while. I have been seriously neglecting my Blog and Youtube for a while now (more than a year!) and I feel you all deserve to know why.

Panic attacks, anxiety and depression until recently has never been spoken about that much but however has always been very common amongst us humans! I myself have suffered and still suffer from this and feel that if I tell you about my experiences it may help help some of you and even if it only helps one of you that will make me feel happy!

I was going to write about all three in one but I decided to break it up into three parts to not bore you and that way if you are only looking to read one but not all three it will be easier.

For the past three years I have been suffering with these three subjects and that is the main reason I haven't been around much as I have been trying to combat this on my own to better myself.

So... let's start at the very beginning and work our way forward to the present.

Trying to pin point the very moment when each of these things started is quite a tricky thing to do but it is also very important in order to be able to overcome these problems.

Panic Attacks

What is a panic attack?

A panic attack can happen anywhere and is a feeling of dread. During a panic attack you will feel the urge to want to run away from the situation to get out and calm down and will often look for the nearest exit. You may feel like everybody is staring at you or smothering you. Often, you cannot anticipate a panic attack but your body releases adrenaline which triggers the 'flight or fight' response. This is something that our body is programmed to do in a life or death situation. In this situation your body needs the adrenaline if it is going to fight as it needs to be strong but also if it is going to flight, to run fast and get away.

What happens during a panic attack?

During a panic attack as mentioned above Adrenaline is released. This causes a variety of symptoms but mainly your heart to beat very fast and your muscles will become tense. Your blood is diverted to the muscles which causes feelings of dizziness you will be pale. This also causes your body to shake. During an attack the senses are heightened and you become more aware of sounds and smells around you.

Other symptoms may include:

very rapid breathing or feeling unable to breathe
very rapid heartbeat
pains in your chest
feeling faint or dizzy
ringing in your ears
tingling or numbness in your hands and feet
hot or cold flushes
feeling nauseous
wanting to go to the toilet
feelings of absolute terror
feeling smothered
feeling claustrophobic
being extremely emotional/uncrontrollable crying
feelings of unreality, called depersonalisation and derealisation.


Firstly, we will discuss my panic attacks as this is the easiest one I find to discuss as I know where it started, why it happened and how I overcome my panic attacks.

My very first panic attack (though very silly) was when I was quite young (around maybe 8,9 or 10) my Nana and Granddad had picked me up from primary school and we were driving back to their house and I was in the back of the car. We were just driving up the road to their house and for some reason that I do not know of I decided to put my hand on my heart to feel my heartbeat and when I couldn't feel it (my hand was probably in the wrong place) I started to have my first panic attack. I couldn't breath properly, my hands were sweating and my heart was beating like crazy and I started to scream for my Nana and Granddad to help me (this obviously was quite scary for them). They rushed me inside and gave me a drink of water then after about 10 minutes which felt like and hour to me, they finally managed to calm me down. And that my fellow friends was my first ever panic attack over such a silly thing.

After that I had a couple of panic attacks in the following months over again silly things, I remember my finger clicked once or something and I had a panic attack thinking I had arthritis at the age of 9/10. I started becoming a hypochondriac (paranoid) over stupid things having panic attacks thinking I was ill with silly things. This didn't go on for very long as I can only remember a few panic attacks when I was younger.

I went years and years without panic attacks, I had kind of forgotten about them to be honest until I was around maybe 18. When I turned 18 I started getting frequent urine infections, around about 1 each week which was awful. Having a urine infection feels like you constantly need to go to the toilet but when you go you can't. It's an awful thing but can be treated with antibiotics as you all probably know. I try to pinpoint the exact moment I think my brain started my panic over this and I think this was when I had been drinking one night and I had a urine infection. When you drink alcohol you all probably know you go to the toilet more frequently and this paired with a weak bladder due to my urine infection resulted in my accidentally wetting myself (embarrassing but who cares it happened).

My first panic attack over having a urine infection was on the plane back from holiday. I had to keep going to the toilet and I thought that I was getting a urine infection and was freaking out because I thought that everyone was laughing at me behind my back because I kept going to the toilet (they probably didn't even notice). I started panicking in my plane seat and felt trapped as I couldn't really get out of the situation. My heart was beating hard, I was sweating and it was the most awful feeling in the world. My mum had never seen me having a panic attack before so she was freaking out as much as me but was trying to calm me down but it wasn't working. The flight attendant gave me a litre bottle of water and told me to drink it as it will help with my urine infection. I could have punched the woman in the face at the time as drinking water would make me go to toilet even more and that was the whole reason I was panicking. Bless her! She was just trying to help hey. The only way I managed to calm down was by my mum giving me Syndol tablets. Syndol are a very strong painkiller for migranes as they contain codeine. I took two and this made me very drowsy and I ended up falling asleep. I am not telling you to take painkillers DO NOT this was a last attempt to calm me down.

My panic attacks started becoming more frequent after this. They kept happening when I set off to go anywhere for example buses, trains or the car. If I had a urine infection or even if I didn't I would panic thinking if I need to go to the toilet where am I going to go, Oh my god I'm going to wet myself etc etc. I couldn't sit down on the bus because I would panic (have no idea why), in the car I would panic about getting stuck at traffic lights or in traffic and trains were bad too. The panic attacks took over my life! I didn't go out anywhere, just travelling to school on the bus which is a bus journey down the road would be hard enough. I tried everything, self-help, Calm's tablets, trying to think of other things and nothing worked!

Another panic attack I want to talk about is when I went up to London to watch a show with my Best friend at the time and some more of my friends. The queue was about an hour just to get in and then we had to check in and queue to sit down. My panic broke through.. here we go again! What if I need the toilet there isn't one near, what am I going to do oh my god. I had a full blown panic attack and my friends had never seen me have one before and didn't know the full story. My best friend was horrible to me telling me to shut up etc which when you're having a panic attack is an awful thing to do. Luckily enough I had a very good friend Ben with me who took me out of the situation as when you have a panic attack all you want to do is get out of the situation to calm down and we set off home on the train.

There is nothing worse than bad friends when you're having a panic attack and me and this girl are no longer friends.

How I stopped my Panic Attacks

I looked around for so long trying to find ways to help me with my panic attacks if you suffer from them and google you'll find a variety of blog posts and websites that will tell you ways to try to think differently, take deep breaths etc. None of these helped me at all they were useless! If they've worked for you then that's great but my attacks were so strong they couldn't help me. I started to think outside of the box and thought about hypnotherapy. A lot of people think hypnotherapy is like it is in the movies, they wave a clock in front of your face, click their fingers and you fall asleep but it's nothing like that. In a town about 10 minutes away from me there is a hypnotherapy centre that I knew about so I decided to check their website out. I read testimonials people had written about how hypnotherapy solved their phobias etc and decided that this would be my last attempt at trying to get my life back. At my hypnotherapy centre each session was £60 and lasts around an hour. My mum phoned them as I was only 18 and I didn't really know what to say and my lovely Nana paid for the sessions for me as she was the one who had seen me have panic attacks the most. 

When I went in I didn't really know what to expect I was somewhat afraid as I wanted this to work and literally felt like if I didn't what was I going to do, this was no way of life and is life really worth living if I can't go out anywhere without having a panic attack. 

A lovely man called Paul took me into the room and asked me to explain what the problem was. I told him everything, how I think it started, what happens and how my life has deteriorated completely due to the attacks.

My hypnotherapy session (this will probably sound weird to explain) involved him telling me to relax my body bit by bit, for example, 'let your toes go numb and then let the numbness work up through your legs' etc! I had to bite my tongue as I thought it was quite funny but once I got into the flow of things I was completely relaxed. He told me to pick one panic attack I had which I chose as the plane panic attack and then told me to be my own little 'guardian angel' (I always think of this as the redbull gives you wings advert) and to tell myself on the plane whilst I'm having a panic attack that everything will be okay because I don't actually have a urine infection it's all in my head. As easy as this sounds it worked! He got me to do the same but as the situation being on the bus. 

When my session ended he said to me 'Lauren tomorrow I want you to sit down on the bus rather than standing and trust me you won't have a panic attack'. The next day on the bus I was a bit uneasy about sitting down on the bus because it's not very nice triggering another attack but I trusted him and did it and I didn't feel any panic whatsoever and I was so proud I texted my mum saying 'I'm sitting down on the bus it worked'. Although for other people this may seem silly, for me this was a big step. I only had one session after this.

 Setting off on holiday on a plane was a big scary thing to do as this was where I had my first full blown panic attack and although I hadn't had a panic attack in maybe a year and a half I still wanted a back up. I went to my local GP and told them the situation and asked if there was anything she can give me to relax if worst come to worst and she prescribed me some Diazepam. Diazepam is a benzodiazepine. Benzodiazepines are anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drugs as they allow your muscles to relax and calm the common symptoms of anxiety. I took 2 before I got on our flight to Italy just incase and I was fine. I slept most of the way but only because I forced myself to sleep not because of the tablets. On our way to our hotel there was really bad traffic (3 hours worth) and although panicking a little I managed to think about the Guardian angel thing and I was fine. On the flight back I took no tablets and stayed awake on most of the journey home talking to family, reading magazines etc. 

I have not had any panic attacks since the little one in the car thank god!

My advice would be to try self-help methods and google to see if other methods can help you before trying hypnotherapy. Although you may think hypnotherapy is expensive it is totally worth it! At the end of the day It cost £120 to get me my life back and for that amount of money I think its worth it as I don't think I would have lasted without hypnotherapy.

I would also definitely not recommend that you just go straight to the doctors and ask for tablets to help the situation as you do not want to be reliant on these for the rest of your life as it's not good for your body! If you do want tablets like I did as a back up to put your mind at rest than do it but I have not taken tablets since the holiday which was 2 years ago!

I really do hope that this post has helped some of you even if it has just given you some information on the condition or a better understanding. Please leave your comments below and tell me your story and if this has helped you in any way.

Lauren Lorraine <3

27 June 2013

Getting to know LaurenLorraine TAG

Hello Girls <3

So I've been neglecting my blog and my Youtube channel lately but I do have my reasons which I'm not going to go into as of yet but maybe one day soon i'll make a video to explain what's been going on.

Any ways I wasn't sure what to post about first to get me back into the swing of things so I thought I'd go with a TAG post as it's the easiest one to do :)

So on with the TAG ...

1. What time did you get up this morning? 
9 as I had college this morning! 

2. How do you like your steak?
Medium to well done... don't understand how people can have blood dripping everywhere!

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
Me and a friend went to see Fast and Furious 6 which was amazzzzzzeeee balls! <3

4. What is your favorite TV show?
Ermmmm... Does all of the soaps count? Probably Eastenders the best though :)

5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? 
In America! Either LA, California, Miami or New York.

6. What did you have for breakfast? 
I had some boring old toast with butter :)

7. What is your favorite cuisine?
Itallian Food but I'm bias because I'm Italian myself! Or Sushi :)

8. What foods do you dislike? 
Sausages and Indian Food.... yuk!

9. Favorite place to eat?
Pizza Express all the wayyyyyyy !!! <3

10. Favorite dressing?
I'm not really a salad girl but if I do have salad it's either French or itallian

11. What kind of vehicle do you drive?
I drive a Black Fiat Punto but I'm working up to a Mini Cooper Convertible.

12. What are your favorite clothes?
I love really summery dresses with pretty sandals and any pastel colours <3

13. Where would you visit if you had the chance?
America, Bora Bora and Abu Dhabi

14. Cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full?Half Full :)

15. Where would you want to retire?
Anywhere but England.... Maybe Australia 

16. Favorite time of day? 

Dinner!! About 6 ish

17. Where were you born?
Carshalton England

18. What is your favorite sport to watch?
I'm not a sporty girl but Formula 1 I guess or Football

19. Who are you most curious about their responses to this?


20. Bird watcher?

 No haha! My mum used to when she was younger but I take the micky out of her haha!

21. Are you a morning person or a night person?
A night person...i love relaxing or going out!

22. Do you have any pets?
I have two rabbits - Frankie and Millie

23. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share? I'm going to start blogging and making videos more.... YAAY!

24. What did you want to be when you were little? 
Famous... even though I have no talents :(

25. What is your best childhood memory?
Going for random drives with my mum :)

26. Are you a cat or dog person?
Dogs! Even though cats are friendly and loving they just bugger off and do their own thing.

27. Are you married?

28. Always wear your seat belt?
Always apart from when I'm about to park :)

29. Been in a car accident?
1 little one but none since fingers crossed.

30. Any pet peeves? 
Rude people and people who don't socialize with you but still expect you to be friends with them.

31. Favorite Pizza Toppings?

 Anchovies, Pepperoni, Capers, Cheese, Olives and Mushrooms haha.

32. Favorite Flower? 

Orchid :)

33. Favorite ice cream?

Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie

34. Favorite fast food restaurant? 

McDonalds mmmm yummy!

35. How many times did you fail your driver's test?

 Once =( I was really nervous!

36. From whom did you get your last email?
My tutor at college aha!

37. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? 
Selfriges defo! Shoes and Make-up :)

38. Do anything spontaneous lately?
Ermmmm not that I can think of

39. Like your job?

 Yeah I work in a office sitting on my bum all day.

40. Broccoli? 

Nice with dinner mmmm

41. What was your favorite vacation? 

Italy seeing all of my family!

42. Last person you went out to dinner with? 

I can't remember haha 

43. What are you listening to right now?

 The TV in the background

44. What is your favorite color? 

Pinkkkk!! Typical girly colour
45. How many tattoos do you have?
None yet... I'm too scared haha 

46. How many are you tagging for this quiz?

47. What time did you finish this quiz? 

21:50 PM

48. Coffee drinker?
Not really noo :(

23 November 2012

The Christmas TAG

So I don't know about you guys but im super excited for christmas! Its my favourite time of the year and i'm still a bit of a child when it comes to christmas and I don't think i'll ever change :)

But I thought Christmas is not Christmas without a Christmas TAG right? I like reading this posts and hope you will too!

1. When do you start getting excited about Christmas?
    I start getting excited about Christmas at different times each year! For example, the excitement of christmas starts when I hear christmas music playing in shops, see christmas adverts on tv and of course when the famous coca cola advert comes on!

2. Do you still have advent calendars?

   YES! Who doesnt! I mean every adult in my family does :) Its just a nice way to enjoy the countdown for christmas and i've had my eye on the beauty calendars but noone will buy me one and i cant justify the price!

3. What are your favourite Christmas Films?

   Every Christmas eve me and my mum sit in all snuggled up and watch all of our favourite christmas films which normally includes - Polar Express, The Holiday, The Grinch, Home Alone and a few others I can't remember haha!

4. Do you have any funny Christmas memories?
   One christmas that i'll always remember is the christmas that my auntie and uncle announced their engagement! Every year my auntie has christmas round her house and decorates the kitchen and dining area beautifully with pretty name cards all around the table and on this particular christmas she asked everybody to open their name cards for a special announcement and mine read something along the lines of ' Lauren... we've decided to get married and we would love for you to be our bridesmaid' A really special christmas!

5. Talk us through your typical Christmas Day?
  Okay ill try my best to cut this short! I wake up normally really early because santa still fills my stocking up for me downstairs (good old mum) and burst into my mums room shouting its christmas and she watches me open all my stocking presents. Then we have breakfast and open the presents from each other under the tree, relax for a bit, my dad picks me up and I go round there to open my presents with my dads side of the family! At around 2 he drops me to my aunties where we all open more presents and have a scrummy roast dinner and then get a bit drunk and play the wii and act stupid for the rest of the night!

6. What do you eat for Christmas Dinner?
   Roast turkey of course with yorkshire puddings, sprouts, carrots, roast potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy and I think thats it but I may have missed some things off!

7. Do you have any Christmas traditions?

   Yes obviously the christmas eve movie night with mum but on christmas eve at around 6/7 me, mum, nana, my auntie, my uncle and my 2 young cousins go to church because we are catholic but christmas is the only time I go to church!

8. Which are your favourite Christmas songs?
   I love all of them! But the ones that come to mind are Mariah Carey - All i want for christmas and Destiny's Child - Days of christmas and Rudolph the red nosed reindeer :)

9. What is the best Christmas present you ever received?
   I can't think of one off of the top of my head but I'm grateful for all of the gifts I recieve every year!

10.Real or fake christmas tree?

  I love real christmas trees, just the smell and the look of them but they hurt! Theyre so spiky and its a mess to clean up when the needles start to drop off plus my rabbits a house rabbit so he'll probably eat it or hurt his poor feet on the needles so I have a fake one

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and that you're all in the mood for christmas! Leave your christmas TAG in the comments section or the link i'd love to read yours!

Lauren Lorraine <3

21 November 2012

What's on my Christmas Wishlist?

Hello Girls,

Sorry I haven't been blogging for ages or haven't made any videos in a while but i've had my reasons.

I started my beauty therapy course in September and wanted to have a couple of months out of the blogging and youtube world to focus on my work and also to get everything sorted financially so that I could buy beauty products without the feeling of regret afterwards!

I also got a second job just for some extra money and now work as christmas staff at Boots yaaaay! I've always wanted a job at Boots and finally got one (although temporary) but i'm hoping that I might get a part-time job at the end of my contract in January.

Anyways, im back and i've got a load of blog posts and videos planned that I hope you will all like but todays post is just a quick one to tell you some beauty products that are on my wishlist for this christmas.

I enjoy reading these posts and i'm hoping that some of you will enjoy seeing what's on my wishlist and i'd love to hear what's on yours too!

1) Coastal Scents Blusher Palette £13.59 ( - I've never tried anything from Coastal Scents before but i've heard a lot of good things about their palettes and although I want to try out their eyeshadow palettes I thought i'd put their blusher palette on my wishlist as I have quite a few eyeshadows on my list already! If anyone's tried this palette let me know what you think :)

2) Urban Decay Primer Potion Duo £29.00 ( - A little late? I think so! I still haven't tried Urban Decay's famous primer potion yet because although i've heard good things about it i've never been able to jusitfy the price so it's on my wishlist and if I don't get it then I will 100% be buying it with my christmas money :)

3) Sleek face contour kit in light £6.49 (Superdrug or Sleek's website) - Before a couple of weeks ago I had never tried any of sleeks products but on my lunch break one day I decided to hit superdrug and go and pick up a few bits and i'm really impressed with their products and i've had my eye on this face contour kit for a while now.

4) W7 Paintbox eyeshadow palette £7.33 (  - I LOVE W7's products! They're affordable and great quality as you all know i love their candyfloss blusher and this eyeshadow palette has been on my wishlist for about 2 years now and I have no idea why I haven't purchased it but i'm really looking forward to seeing if this palette is as great as their other products!

5) Bobbi Brown 20th Anniversary lip palette - Im not sure where you can get this from anymore or whether it was limitied edition but i really love the look of this palette and would be great for doing other peoples makeup and my own :) If anyone knows where to get this palette let me know in the comments.

6) MAC Mineralize skinfinish soft & gentle £21.50 (MAC or Debenhams) - Another product that has been on my wishlist forever and I really need it in my life :) I dont own a lot of highlighters (only 2 or 3) and as this product is raved about so much I thought i'd put it on my list!

7) Sleek ultra mattes bright palette £7.99 (Superdrug) - This is on my wishlist for a reason! At superdrug I went in to pick this up off of the sleek stand and stupidly assumed the palette I picked up was in the right place and was the right one but no! I picked up the darks one instead :( I'm not really into dark shadows and still really want the brights one!

8) Nars love rite gift set £39.00 (Nars) - This was on my wishlist last year also! I've still not popped my Nars cherry and I think that these gift sets are a great way to save money on trying products, so let's hope that someone might buy me this for christmas.

9) MAC Cranberry eyeshadow £12.00 (MAC) - Fleur de Force first got me wanting this eyeshadow when Tanya Burr convinced her. Now I don't normally wear red eyeshadows as im not really sure how to but i'm always up for trying new things and would love to add this to my collection.

10) MAC Girl about town lipstick £14.00 (MAC) - A gorgeous colour that I really want to add to my collection of lipsticks! I'm not afraid to wear bright colours on a daily basis and i'm pretty sure that I would wear this almost everyday just like I wore Saint Germain everyday for ages :) !

11) MAC red lipstick £14.00 (MAC) - I know a simple red colour but every girl needs their statement red lipstick in their collection and i'd like to have a good quality red lipstick that I can rely on!

12) Juicy couture Viva la Juicy perfume 100ml £39.00 ( - One of my all time favourite perfumes it smells gorgeous and sweet and ive gone through 2 bottles since trying it and I would appreciate another bottle alot because life isn't the same without my favourite perfume :(

13) MAC Aquadisiac Eyeshadow £12.00 (MAC) - I've been looking for a gorgeous aqua eyeshadow for a while now for the summer and some makeup looks that i've wanted to do and this one always seems to stand out to me and I need to build up my collection of eyeshadows :)

14) MAC Hepcat Eyeshadow £12.00 (MAC) - Another gorgeous pink/purple from MAC but not one i've heard much about! Will look great as a pink/purple smokey eye and is a good colour for all year round! If anyone has this shadow let me know what you think?

15) MAC Passionate Eyeshadow £12.00 (MAC) - A gorgeous bright red/pink, similar to the lipstick moxie and impassioned. Just a beautiful colour that i'd love to add to my collection!

16) Amazon Voucher - I love amazon and i'm always buying products from there, whether its makeup, CD's, Films or home accessories I love it and you can find alot of products that are sold cheaper at amazon so a few vouchers would come in handy ;)

So that's just some of the things that I have on my wishlist for this Christmas what have you got on yours?

Lauren Lorraine <3

8 July 2012

Summer Holiday Haul

Hello Girls

So aside from the crappy weather i'm so excited for my upcoming holiday to Italy next month and usually by this time I have all of my holiday clothes etc sorted, organised and can you believe it? Packed! I'm usually really organised when it comes to packing because I hate having to rush around at the last minute, but this year i've left the whole shopping and packing thing a little late but not too late thank god!

Me and my mum decided to rummage through our wardrobes and pick out clothes that we already have to take on holiday, that way we can see what we have and what we need to get! I have quite a lot of clothes that i'm going to take from last years holiday however as ive got a little bit more junk in my trunk so to speak my shorts no longer fitted me and i needed some more so we took to the shopping centre on the hunt for some lovely bright summer clothes for this year :)

Im going to do something a little more different with this haul, because some older people watch my videos and follow my blog i've decided to do this haul with my stuff and then another blog post with some bits that my lovely mummy got just incase any older girls would like to see (let me know if this is a good idea)!

So lets get started shall we? All of the clothes that I got are from Primark and New Look and I managed to find some good deals! Also my naked palette was from ebay and the kindle from currys!

    I decided to brighten up my wardrobe a bit, what do you think?

The shorts below are in the sale online but have limited sizes but in store they have stock of most sizes so check out in store!

Shorts (new look): Pink £10.00 - Peach £10.00 - Purple £10.00 - White Palm tree £10.00 -

Tops (Primark) Neon pink and orange sheer lace top £5.00 Neon yellow sheer top £5.00

Dress (Primark) £5.00

Primark Sandals £6.00 Pack of neon pink bangles £3.00 Necklace £2.00! Matching bangle £2.00

Jewellery (New Look): Pink/Purple ombre earrings £3.50, Pink feather Roam earrings £4.50, Leaf double ring £4.00, Silver/Turqouise skull bracelet £4.00, 3 pack neon bracelets £3.99, Pink/Blue earrings £3.99

Skirts (Primark): Yellow and White £3.00 each!

Shoes (Primark): Size 5 £6.00

Terrible that I didnt own this I know but now I do :) Ebay £14.99

Kindle touch + Wifi from Currys £109

I will be doing a video on this in the next days so keep your eye out for the link

Lauren Lorraine <3

30 June 2012

Brushes Brushes Brushes

Hello girlies <3

Sorry I havent posted anything in a little while but I had to blog about this amazing find that I discovered the other day! Many people think that when it comes to brushes you get what you pay for, meaning that if a brush set that you find is cheap the brushes will be crap quality and will shed like crazy. I used to believe in this too until now...

So recently i've wanted to buy a full brush set for a good price that will be good quality and wont shed much! I've thought about investing in some MAC or sigma brushes but I just cannot justify paying that amount of money on brushes at the moment (the odd mac brush as a treat now and then is okay though).

I scoured ebay, individual websites and amazon for a brush set thats cheap and has good reviews surrounding it and came across 2 brush sets in total that I would pay the price for and they were the Royal and Langnickel 13 piece pink brush set HERE  for £31 and the beautify 32 piece brush set HERE for £15.

Although I really want to buy the royal and langnickel brush set, £31 for just 13 brushes compared to £15 for 32 doesn't seem justifiable at the moment. I've never heard of the brand Beautify before but they do a wide variety of products from brushes, palettes, makeup cases and nail art! I was unsure whether to purchase the brushes or not but after reading the reviews that all rate the brushes 5 star I thought why not?

I chose next day delivery as I was so excited and couldn't possibly wait even a few days for them to arrive and got the chance to try some out the next day as that was the night I was going to my sixth form prom!

I honestly am so impressed with the quality of these brushes, they're soft, there's loads and they come in a gorgeous leather (faux leather) brush roll which would be perfect to take around to do other people's makeup and even to take on holiday!

The majority of these brushes don't shed, however a couple of them did a little but when you just pull at the hairs a little the excess hair comes off (I think they might just be loose hairs)!

The brush set includes: 1 deluxe fan brush, 1 powder brush, 1 blush brush, 1 small blush brush, 1 contour brush, 1 angled blush brush, 1 foundation brush, 1 large chisel brush, 1 large angled shade brush, 2 large shade brushes, 1 medium chisel brush, 1 medium shade brush, 1 flat blending brush, 1 small shade brush, 1 blending brush, 2 small angled shade brushes, 1 fan brush, 2 mini shade brushes, 1 eye smudge brush, 1 eye liner brush, 1 ultra fine eye liner brush, 1 lip brush, 2 brow brushes, 1 large eye applicator brush, 1 small eye applicator brush, 1 lash brush, 1 lash comb & brow comb/cake mascara.

I would highly recommend these brushes to makeup artists or anyone who has a passion for makeup as for £15 you cannot go wrong at all.

I will be doing an in-depth video of this brush set on my channel soon but I will post the link at a later date :)

Please tell me if you've found this post interesting and if you have any questions leave them in the comments and i'll get back to you!

Have a lovely day <3

Lauren Lorraine <3